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There are MANY conservative people in our town and our county but it does not matter if they don’t VOTE. First and foremost, be sure you are registered at your current address so you receive your ballot. Ballots will be mailed in early October. Please encourage your Republican friends, neighbors and family members to do the same. Absentee ballots are for registered voters who will not be home during the election period (mid-October through November 3) or who feel they cannot vote in one of the ways listed below. For more information, please see the Morris County Clerk's Website.


Next, be sure you read and follow the instructions on the ballot carefully and complete it correctly. Be sure to fill in the circles fully---no check marks or "X"s. Sign it. Do not perforate it. Once you have filled out your ballot, you can submit it in one of three ways:


1. Secure Drop Boxes - The easiest and very convenient way to cast your vote is by dropping off your ballot in one of the secure ballot boxes placed throughout the county.  The nearest ballot box will be located in the Montville Twp. Municipal Building parking lot (195 Changebridge Road). The secure box will be red, white, and blue (NOT the yellow mailbox used for tax collection). It is monitored by cameras 24/7, is locked and its contents are collected regularly by the Board of Elections. Ballots must be deposited in boxes by November 3.


2. Hand Delivery - Another secure way is to hand-deliver your ballot to the Board of Elections (located on the 2nd floor of the Administrative and Records Building at 10 Court St. in Morristown). You may also hand-deliver up to two additional ballots with permission of the other voters. Do you have an elderly neighbor or a relative in the hospital?  


3. U.S. Mail - Finally, all mail-in ballots will include a postage-paid return envelope. We have also been told that there will be tracking on each ballot so you can be sure that your vote has arrived at its destination. Ballots must be post-marked by November 3.


While the USPS has assured the public that it is also secure and can handle the surplus of mail in October and November, we know many people have doubts. Do not let these concerns stop you from filling out your ballot. If you are uncomfortable with putting your ballot in the mail, use one of the other methods! In fact, we recommend that you use a drop off ballot box instead of the mail.

Vote early. Track your ballot.* If you vote early enough and you see that there is a problem with your ballot, you may have time to correct it.


DO NOT COUNT ON VOTING AT YOUR LOCAL POLLING PLACE. Limited polling stations will be open only for those who are sight disabled. If you vote in person by going to your local polling place, you will be casting a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are the last to be counted and are often contested.

* The Morris County GOP also provides this great webpage for information about how and where to vote and how to track your ballot:

Refusing to cast your vote by mail-in ballot is not a protest; it is a surrender. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE and now, more than ever, it needs to be counted. That is why we must all do our part to educate our family, friends, and neighbors about this year’s vote by mail process and get out the vote for our Republican candidates, from the bottom of the ticket up. 


We need your help to secure common sense, principled leadership for our Township, our county, our state, and our country. We need your VOTE.